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First-Time Home Buyers

Nothing compares to the feeling of pride when you are buying your first home. Of course, along with all the positives, there can be a lot of worry when it comes to financing your purchase. Popular Mortgage’s friendly professional consultants will help take the stress out of the Canadian first-time home buying experience. We will make financing simple, so you can enjoy yourself as your dream of owning your own home becomes a reality.
Here are a few of the benefits we have to offer you:

  • Put 5 percent down on your home and get the best mortgage rate in Canada.
  • Find out how you can get a mortgage in Canada without putting any money down.
  • Gain access to the CMHC Homebuying Step-by-Step guide.
  • Get the opportunity to view the Canadian homebuyers’ check list.

If you are a first-time buyer, we can also help you find the special programs that can help get you into the home you want much sooner. The Home Buyers’ Plan, for example, can help you find a way to borrow your down payment from your own RRSP. There are other beneficial programs, as well, that may be advantageous to you, and our specialists can help you find them.